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Youth ServiceCorps

2014-2015 YouthBoard and Youth Representatives

2014-2015 YouthBoard and Youth Representatives

Quincy Asian Resources, Inc. Youth ServiceCorps (YSC) was officially formed in the Fall 2011. This “corps” consists of high school level students volunteering for QARI. The mission of the program is “high school youth making a significant impact on their community through community service”. This program is a tiered system which consists of a Youth Board (10-12 students), Youth Representatives (16-20 students), and the “Corps” (200-250 students). Visit QARI’s Facebook page to see the various activities the YSC are involved in.

QARI Youth Board (QYB):
QYB members are a youth-led group of leaders who help organize events, community service projects, and provide support to the QARI staff to improve the South Shore Asian community. Within this year long program high school youth develop their understanding of community service alongside their personal and professional goals. This board will be also leading the recruitment, training, organization, and implementation of Youth Representatives and Core members with support from QARI staff. They meet at least once a week for board meetings.

QARI Youth Representatives (QYR):
QYR members consist of underclassmen who show leadership potential and seniors who have leadership skills but cannot commit the amount of time necessary to be on the board. Youth Representatives will support the board members in the organization and implementation of events and programs, while being mentored by board members and gaining leadership skills to potentially be members of the Youth Board next term.

QARI Youth ServiceCorps (YSC):
The YSC members are volunteers throughout the year at our various events, or programs. Members can choose what they would like to volunteer for. This includes events the like the Lunar New Year and August Moon Festivals, QARI Community Banquet, and youth-led programs such as the After School Tutoring program at Quincy High School & North Quincy High School, the mentoring program at Atlantic Middle School, and a Survival English Class for Elders. Core members with different skills sets also support staff in daily work (i.e. data entry, flyer design, translation of letters or forms). More than 200 members volunteered for over 7400 hours the 2013/14 ServiceCorps year.

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