2019 Community Service Scholarship

  1. Submit the following applicant information

  2. Send all required content to info@quincyasianresources.org with subject line: “2019 Scholarship - [YOUR NAME]”

  3. Deadline - all content must be received on or before 5pm EST by Monday, April 15th 2019

  4. Announcement of Awards - Early May 2019

  5. Please contact info@quincyasianresources.org for inquiries.

Criteria for Eligibility

  • Be a graduating senior from a Quincy, Randolph, Braintree, Weymouth, or the South Shore area school

  • Enrolling in an university/college or a vocational training program in the summer/fall following graduation

  • Have completed and documented at least 50 hours of community service in the past 12 months

Selection Criteria & Application Requirements (*IN ORDER OF IMPORTANCE)

  1. 300-word essay or less than 5-minute video

    • QARI’s mission is to foster and improve the social, culture, economic and civic lives of Asian and immigrant and their families to benefit Quincy and its neighboring communities. In 300-word or less than 5-minute video, please describe how your volunteer work aligns with QARI’s mission of building leadership while serving the Asian and immigrant community. Focus on the significance of your work, how you have positively change the community and what it has meant to you, rather than listing the different service projects you have done (this will be on your resume).

  2. Community service quality (service recommendation letter & resume)

    • A typed resume detailing extracurricular activities, awards, volunteer and/ or work experience; please take some time to describe the volunteer portion of your resume which should include responsibilities and positions of leadership.

    • 1 letter of recommendation on letterhead; it could be from a volunteer/program coordinator or from an employer, counselor or high school teacher/staff).

  3. Community service quantity

    • Letters or forms documenting at least 50 hours of service in the last 12 months, signed by a project/volunteer coordinator. They must include the name of a primary organization for which you volunteered, a contact name and phone number.

  4. Initiative and leadership

  5. Academic recommendation letter

    • A copy of your high school transcript

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Please contact info@quincyasianresources.org for inquiries.