The adult education program’s mission is to provide adult immigrants with the literacy, language, and life skills needed to build self-sufficiency.

For the vast majority of our students, it is English itself that is the key to that self-sufficiency.



QARI is Quincy's largest provider of English for speakers of other languages (ESOL). We offer a variety of programs and options—five levels of classes with flexible scheduling in the morning and night—to meet the various needs of our community. We are excited to launch courses with in-class and online learning as well as a fully-online class to learn English at your speed.

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QARI's free citizenship education program helps newcomers understand and navigate the naturalization process. The 10-week curriculum culminates in practice interviews and a trip to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) office in Boston.

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Family Literacy

The family literacy program, delivered in partnership with Quincy Public Schools, provides parents at Lincoln Hancock Elementary and Montclair Elementary with the combination of English and parenting skills that they need to be engaged parents in their new home.


Workplace Education

The Workplace Education Program provides employees at partner organizations with the English they need to do their jobs and advance their careers.



QARI offers informal Mandarin classes at a variety of levels from time to time. The program focuses primarily on spoken Mandarin, but also covers some of the written language.