You’re never too old to learn English..

And with QARI, it’s never been simpler.

QARI is a long-standing, reputable ESOL provider. We offer a variety of programs and options—six levels of classes with flexible scheduling in the morning and night—to meet the diverse needs of our community. Our curriculum spans from an intensive beginner level to advanced placement.





    • 1) ESOL level 3 will have in-class and online instruction

    • 2) Fully online esol courses


ESOL Levels 0-4

Students will learn basic through intermediate level English based on their placement.

All levels address speaking and listening, reading and writing. This Fall, ESOL 3 will include in-class and online instruction to maximize your learning time!  Online instruction will be included for ALL levels in the Spring.

Pricing (ALL levels)

$198 (+$50 book fee) per semester

**SPECIAL: SAVE $36 and register for BOTH Fall and Spring for only $360**

15 weeks

FALL: classes begin September 5, 2019 (orientation Sept. 3, 10am)

SPRING: classes begin January 21, 2020 (orientation Jan. 13, 10am)


  • None!


(NEW!) Online ESOL

You can now learn English according to YOUR schedule.

With online access, students will be able to track their progress, connect and ask questions with teachers, and learn flexibly while still keeping pace with a real class. Additionally, students have access to office hours at QARI where they can use ask questions and increase computer fluency.


  • Internet access, basic computer skills, using Google hangouts

  • Attend placement tests in-office at QARI before and after course completion

  • Attend orientation explaining technology that will be used


$198 (+$50 book fee) per semester

**SPECIAL: SAVE $36 and register for BOTH Fall and Spring for only $360**

15 weeks

FALL: course begins September 5, 2019 (orientation Sept. 3, 8am or 7pm)

SPRING: course begins January 21, 2020 (orientation Jan. 13, 8am or 7pm)


Advanced ESOL for College & Career

This in-class ESOL instruction is for learners with advanced levels of English looking to enhance their skills in preparation for college or workplace environments. Prepare to write a college-level essay, give presentations, and introduce yourself at a business meeting.


  • Only available for ESOL Level 5 and above

Pricing (Fall Semester)

$198 (+$50 book fee)

15 weeks

Classes begin September 5, 2019


Fall/Spring Class Schedule

FALL Class starts September 5th for 15 weeks

Spring class starts january 21st FOR 15 WEEKS

Morning Classes

Evening Classes

Morning Class Schedule
Evening Classes Schedule

Semester Schedule


The following are the requirements for QARI’s ESOL students:

  • Attending 80% of classes

  • Informing teachers of any absences

  • Committing time and dedication to the class in one full semester

  • Being present for all tests

  • Students who cannot agree to these requirements will not be accepted into the program, and those who violate them will be asked to leave the program.

The last day for refunds is one week after the first class. A $25 refund fee will be charged. The $40 book fee cannot be refunded if the book is written in or damaged.

Note: For students registering for both Fall and Spring semesters in advance, a cancellation in the Spring will forfeit the discount, resulting in a refund of $137 ($360-$198 for the Fall-$25 refund fee).

Please contact us, 617-472-2200, if you have any questions.

Snow Days and Weather Emergencies

If classes are cancelled due to weather, there will be a make up class before the end of the semester, so that students still have the full number of classes.

For morning classes:

  • QARI follows the Quincy Public School system for snow days and weather emergencies. If Quincy Public Schools are closed or delayed due to snow or weather emergencies, then the QARI morning classes will also be closed or delayed.

For evening classes:

  • QARI follows Quincy College. If Quincy College is closed or delayed due to snow or weather emergencies, then the evening classes will also be closed or delayed.

  • If there is a delay, teachers may choose to hold class later that day, or to reschedule the class for another day.


QARI classes are: