ESOL Registration (Summer 2019)


Quincy Asian Resources Inc. (QARI) is a long standing and reputable ESOL provider. We offer a variety of programs and options—five levels of classes with flexible scheduling in the morning, afternoon, night and weekend—to meet the various needs of our community. Our curriculum spans from an intensive beginner level to high intermediate.

Conversation - $110

Come, have fun, and practice your English through field trips and conversation.  Classes focus on speaking and listening in the context of real life scenarios.  Choose morning or evening classes

Classes start June 18th or 19th for 8 weeks

No book fee

ESOL 1 or ESOL 2

  • Wednesday and Friday

  • 9-11am OR 6-8pm

ESOL 3 or ESOL 4

  • Tuesday and Thursday

  • 9-11am OR 6-8pm

ESOL 0 - $110

Beginning students will learn the basics of the English language, focusing on speaking and listening for everyday needs. Choose morning or evening class

Class starts June 18th for 8 weeks

  • Tuesday and Thursday

  • 9-11am OR 6-8 pm

  • Book fee $40

Class Schedule

Summer Semester 2019

8 weeks $110 (ESOL 0 $40 book fee)

Citizenship 10 weeks Free ($40 book fee)

Morning Classes


Evening Classes


Semester Schedule

1509 Hancock St, Suite 209, Quincy, MA  02169



The following are the requirements for QARI’s ESOL students:

  • Attending 80% of classes

  • Informing teachers of any absences

  • Committing time and dedication to the class in one full semester

  • Being present for all tests

  • Students who cannot agree to these requirements will not be accepted into the program, and those who violate them will be asked to leave the program.

The last day for refunds is one week after the first class. A $25 refund fee will be charged. The $40 book fee cannot be refunded if the book is written in or damaged.