Healthcare, Revamped


QARI’s work assisting the healthcare sector has been two-fold. It has both sought to provide access to high-quality, culturally-competent care for Asian and immigrant persons and empowers their socio-economic status with related employment opportunities.



South Shore Health

Healthcare Partner

Since QARI's conception, providing Asian and immigrant communities access to high-quality healthcare information has been a priority. During times of illness, sickness, and stress, a linguistic and cultural barrier between patients and their providers should not be a worry.

And now with South Shore Health, QARI is expanding this commitment by:

  1. Dedicating every Monday to answering healthcare needs, including translating medical letter, providing insurance information, answering MassHealth questions, and more (‘Healthcare Mondays’)

  2. Hiring Healthcare Outreach Specialist, Terrie Chan—fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, Taishanese, and English—to navigate these healthcare-related social services

  3. Highlighting a specific health issue each month that educates the community through free events, such as blood pressure tests, giveaways, and workshops

  4. Hosting biweekly Morning Tea Times that provide a safe space for QARI clients to discuss wide-ranging topics like healthcare and identity as well as build community


July is UV Ray Awareness Month



Tufts Health Plan

Healthcare Partner

QARI sees itself as an opportunity-provider. Whether that be for a young-professional to train for a work-position or for an elder to get exposed to new, cultural experiences, we want the best for everyone’s wellness.

And now with Tufts Health Plan, we are empowering communities across the board by:

  1. Launching an employment initiative that trains individuals to thrive in Tufts Health Plan call centers

  2. Sponsoring field trips for elders to explore Massachusetts landmarks, keeping them active and engaged