Bridging the Gap



Our first WFE partnership was with the MBTA in January 2018. The MBTA expressed concerns that they lacked the linguistic and culturally competent customer services team to serve the high Asian population that would be impacted by the disruption of the Wollaston T-station. QARI was asked to provide a local bilingual customer services team to help solve many potential and unforeseen issues caused by the station closing. The MBTA/MassDOT entered a professional services agreement with QARI to source and manage a team of 20 qualified bilingual customer service representatives. 

Companies and organizations want to be able to communicate with customers who are not English speakers, or want to appeal to a diverse customer base for reasons not specifically tied to language. In many cases, companies and nonprofit organizations know the population is becoming more culturally and ethnically diverse, and they want to be prepared for those changes in the marketplace”
— QARI CEO Philip Chong, in the Boston Globe