Meet yvonne

Yvonne graduated from Quincy High School this year, and received a scholarship from QARI to attend Boston College. She plans to major in chemistry to pursue a pre-med track.

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This is her story in her own words.

"In 1993, my mom had just immigrated to America a year ago and she was pregnant with her first child, my brother. She worked two full-time jobs at the time even through her pregnancy. One day, when she was three days overdue and churning through another tiring day, her water broke. Yet she remained at the back of a worn out tailor shop, sewing and sewing the mountain of clothes in front of her. She was too afraid to visit hospitals, because she could not speak or read English. The doctors who only spoke English, who could not communicate with her in Chinese, intimidated her. Seeing my family struggle everyday spurred my dream on to help those who cannot speak English.

Now, due to phenomenal organizations such as Quincy Asian Resources, my family has a hand held out for them when they need it. I am forever grateful for these services that are flexible for people who do not speak English. My mom can visit the hospital and speak with doctors who can understand her. When I volunteered at South Cove Manor Rehabilitation Center, the elderly I met were just like my family. It warmed my heart that they were comfortable in an environment surrounded by people who understood them. From then on, my dream to be a physician assistant was solidified.

My family and I cannot express our thanks enough to Quincy Asian Resources for the scholarship. We have been worrying over the cost of college and this has lightened the load. I will diligently use this scholarship to pay kindness forward by giving back to my community and my parents for raising me. Thank you so much, QARI."

Yvonne, you are welcome. We at QARI feel privileged to be able to play a part in your accomplishments.

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