family literacy

In close partnership with Quincy Public Schools, QARI holds a family literacy program that teaches immigrant parents at Lincoln Hancock Elementary School the skills and the language that they need to be active, involved parents.


parenting Skills

Parents in the program learn the importance of reading with children at home, develop a stronger understanding of the US education system, and learn how to be more directly involved in their children's educations.

English Skills

The English curriculum is designed with parenting needs in mind: parents learn to write letters to teachers, call about absences, and ask meaningful questions about their child's performance.


This program takes parents out of the classroom and into the community, from school assemblies to story time at the library to school committee and PTO meetings.

Some recent outcomes

  • In January, eleven parents wrote practice letters excusing their children from class

  • In February, ten parents participated in a story time at the North Quincy branch of the Thomas Crane Public Library

  • In March, six parents attended a PTO meeting at Parker Elementary School