Ledger Piece Details Phil Chong's Vision

A recent spot in The Patriot Ledger introduces Philip Chong's background in business and vision for QARI.

New QARI CEO looks to expand reach

by Sean Philip Cotter

Philip Chong knew he’d signed up to lead an organization he could be proud of when he showed up to the Quincy Asian Resources banquet in May and found nearly 600 people there.

“It tells me we’re actually doing the services,” he said.

Chong became the organization known as QARI’s new chief executive officer on April 11.

One of the reasons the board chose Chong, according to the statement the members made announcing his hiring, was his strong business background. He has served as chief executive officer of Keswick Health, chief operating officer of Massachusetts Medical International Corporation and director of strategic initiatives at Simmons College, where he helped launch a the school’s online programs.