Quincy Asian Resources, Inc. welcomes Derby Academy as an Asian Community Partner


Quincy Asian Resources, Inc. (QARI) is proud to announce that Derby Academy is one of its Asian Community Partners. QARI’s Asian Community Partnership program connects businesses and service providers with opportunities to engage with and invest in the Asian population in Quincy and the South Shore area.


Founded in 1784, Derby Academy is an independent, co-educational, Pre-K through Grade 8 school located in Hingham, MA. Its motto, “Improve Both Mind and Heart,” reflects the School’s commitment to providing a well-rounded education that nurtures the development of the child by providing opportunities for the maximum intellectual, emotional, and physical growth of each student.


Derby has been a leader on the South Shore for three centuries because its students are leaders with inquisitive minds. Their faculty inspires girls and boys to love learning, take joy in service, and strive for excellence. Students are guided toward an awakening sense of personal responsibility in order to prepare them to make ethical and mindful contributions in an increasingly interdependent world.


The School has an immersive, two-week “Winter Term” program, in which students research and provide solutions to global issues such as sustainability, access and consumption of resources, and adopting healthier lifestyles. Students partake in community service and volunteer with nonprofits like Cradles to Crayons and Father Bill’s, while Lower School students frequently correspond with children from Malawi Children's Mission Academy in Malawi, Africa. Derby Academy is truly an intimate community that encompasses a strong sense of commitment to diversity and global issues.

学院设有为期两周的“冬季学期”模拟项目,让学生研究和提供全球性问题的解决方案,例如可持续发展、资源的获取及利用、健康的生活方式等。学生也会参与Cradles to Crayons 和 Father Bill’s等非营利组织的社区和志愿者服务,低年级学生则负责与非洲Malawi 地区的Malawi Children's Mission 学院的小孩子通信。Derby学院对于多样性和全球性问题有着很强的使命感,是个名副其实的非常温馨的社区。

In this new partnership, QARI and Derby Academy will provide opportunities for the Quincy community to attend and participate in various events on Derby’s sprawling 27 acre campus.

亚协和Derby学院将会在 Derby 27英亩的校区内举办各式活动,届时欢迎昆市社区各界人士积极参与。

For more information, please contact info@quincyasianresources.org.



About QARI 关于亚协

Founded in 2001, QARI is the go-to center for Asian residents in Quincy. QARI provides a  broad array of services to respond to an underserved population in need including multilingual information and referral, adult education, youth programs. QARI's mission is to foster and improve the social, cultural, economic and civic lives of Asian Americans and their families to benefit Quincy and its neighboring communities. Through collaborations and partnerships, we provide culturally competent services including adult education programs, youth development, and cultural events as well as information and referrals to public and other community organizations. Additionally, QARI organizes city-wide cultural events including the lauded August Moon Festival which is presented in partnership with City of Quincy as the City’s Signature August event.

成立于2001年,亚协是昆市亚裔居民的服务中心。亚协为有需要的人群提供广泛的服务,其中包括多种语言信息和转介服务,成人教育, 和青年计划。亚协的使命是促进和改善亚裔美国人和他们家庭的社会,文化,经济,和公民生活, 以发展昆市和邻近社区。通过发展伙伴合作关系,我们提供与文化相结合的服务给公共组织和其它社区机构,包括成人教育计划,青少年发展和文化活动,以及信息和转介服务。此外,亚协组织该市的文化活动,包括和昆市市政府合作的昆市八月特色活动,中秋联欢会。

About Derby Academy

Derby Academy is a coeducational, Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 8 school that nurtures the development of the child by providing opportunities for the maximum intellectual, emotional and physical growth of each student. Our dedicated faculty inspires students to discover the joy of intellectual curiosity, mastery of learning skills and service to the community. Students are also guided toward an awakening sense of personal responsibility in order to prepare them to make ethical and mindful contributions in an increasingly interdependent world.



At Derby Academy, we recognize and value the characteristics that contribute to each individual’s full identity, to include race, gender, age, ethnicity, religion, culture, nationality, family structure, language, sexual identity, socioeconomic background, physical differences and learning styles. Our mission is to cultivate a school community infused with a multiplicity of voices and perspectives. By moving beyond individual experiences, we learn to think critically, adapt, communicate, collaborate, imagine, understand and grow. Our goal is to create a safe and welcoming environment where each person freely brings his or her whole self to school each day, confident that every individual will be respected. We believe that being a truly inclusive community requires constant attention, at times involving moments of uncertainty and misunderstanding. We dedicate ourselves to use conversation as a catalyst for the growth and change we seek.