Boston Magazine: Photos from the 31st Annual Quincy August Moon Festival

Outside of Quincy High School on Sunday, drums and cymbals beat rhythmically to the lunging of the graceful lion dancers. Performers shimmied and undulated in colorful, ornate lion costumes, begging for their traditional treats of cabbage and tangerines, which they scooped into their maws and then flung to the audience.

Onlookers cheered and clapped for the dancers as the smoky scent of roasting chicken and salty-sweet kettle corn wafted from nearby food vendors. In the back lot, families pushed strollers through the festival’s kids zone, past rows of bouncy houses and pony rides—stopping here and there to pat a piglet, slurp up some milk tea, or browse through the dried seafood vendors with their jars of crispy brown abalone.

The Quincy August Moon Festival, named the 2018 Best of Boston winner for Best Street Festival, is made possible by the nonprofit group Quincy Asian Resources, which seeks to improve the lives of people in Quincy’s Asian American community. This weekend, bellies were full and smiles were wide as attendees watched live Tai Chi demonstrations, clapped along to the Taiko drumming group Shin Daiko, and interacted with a variety of community sponsors.