Quincy Asian Resources, Inc. and South Shore YMCA partner to expand access to community outreach services


Quincy, October 27, 2017 – Quincy Asian Resources Inc. (QARI) is proud to announce that it is partnering with the South Shore YMCA (SSYMCA) to expand its community outreach services. As of October 1, 2017, QARI now has representatives at the Quincy Y branch at 79 Coddington Street on most Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings. Clients can seek information and referrals on a walk-in basis.

QARI’s joint venture with the SSYMCA executes a goal of the organization’s strategic plan to bring new services and programs into the community. Quincy’s Asian population is currently at 26% and growing. With this continuous expansion comes an increased need for culturally competent services and programs.

“Quincy’s population is always evolving,” said Philip Chong, Chief Executive Officer of QARI. “We are bringing QARI into the community. Not only are we making it easier for clients to access our services, but we are also adding new programming to meet the needs of our diverse city.”

The SSYMCA, celebrating its 125th anniversary in 2017, looks forward to building upon programming that meets the needs of the city and the region through this collaboration. “The story of the South Shore YMCA since 1892 has been one of open doors and fulfilling community needs,” said Paul Gorman, President and CEO of SSYMCA. “We are proud to partner with Quincy Asian Resources to positively impact the lives of our friends and neighbors in the Asian community.” The new office in the Quincy Y is a part of a larger venture with the SSYMCA. In July, QARI started operation support at the Y’s Germantown Neighborhood Center at 366 Palmer Street. Plans also include introducing cultural enrichment classes to the YMCA’s programming. Examples of new offerings will include Chinese calligraphy, Chinese painting, beginner Mandarin classes, book talk and a course on Chinese culture and business etiquette.

The Asian American Role Models series, another new initiative, honors leaders and individuals who have made invaluable and impactful contributions to the Asian population. Madge Meyer, a prominent author and motivational speaker, will be featured as one of the Asian American Role Models. Ms. Meyer will also be delivering a talk in innovation at the Quincy Y this fall.

Others include Ken Eng, an award-winning filmmaker known for his documentary "My Life in China," Yvonne To, a volunteer and QARI scholarship winner, and Johnstone Tcheou, a Brandeis University student whose invention of a vacuum that would clean the New York City transit system led him to the White House.

QARI will be celebrating its 16th anniversary on November 20th, 2017. With its humble roots, to the current impact, and to future initiatives, QARI is looking forward this partnership with South Shore YMCA to continuing to grow and evolve with the residents and the community.

About QARI

Founded in 2001, QARI is the go-to center for Asian residents in Quincy, such that they refer to us simply by our street number. A friend says to a friend, “Oh, just go to fifteen-oh-nine, they can help with that.” In 1998, prompted by the United Way of Massachusetts Bay, and with the support of the city, a group of Quincy's Asian residents and non-profit service providers, led by MA State Representative Tackey Chan, formed the Quincy Asian Collaborative. In doing so, they were responding to an urgent need for culturally and linguistically relevant services: the Asian population was not being adequately served by mainstream non-profits at that time due to the complex issues facing it. Since then we have developed a broad array of services to serve this population: we provide multilingual information and referral, adult education, youth programs, and organize city-wide cultural events to the benefit of Quincy and its diverse newcomer population.

About the South Shore YMCA

The South Shore YMCA is a nonprofit association committed to strengthening our communities by nurturing the potential of kids, promoting healthy living and fostering a sense of social responsibility. Throughout the South Shore community, the SSYMCA engages more than 65,000 members and participants, nearly two-thirds of whom are children and teens, in over 100 different programs. The Y strives to serve our entire community and provides financial assistance to ensure every child, family and individual has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive through South Shore YMCA membership, programs and services. ssymca.org