Designing Inclusion

For generations, Sterlingwear has been a stalwart of the peacoat manufacturing industry. Now, with QARI, it seeks to improve the lives of its many immigrant workers while maintaining the same, unquestionably quality goods.


At its core, Sterlingwear is a story of the American Dream.

When Lorenzo Fredella left his hometown in 1920, America represented the opportunity to support his family and find his way in the world.

Over the years, the company has evolved, tackling military contracts amidst ever-changing fashions and tech. However, the pride the family-business has in its products and roots has stayed true.


They understand that life for new immigrants is no simple path.

That is why as much pride the company takes in manufacturing in America, it desires to give back to the people, stories, and lives that often go overlooked behind its goods.

Together now, QARI will:

  1. Help create a workforce channel for immigrants to become the backbone of the company’s manufacturing

  2. Support immigrant employees with a more holistic and enriching environment

  3. Provide signature social services, classes, and resources in-house

  4. Brainstorm more innovative ways to meet Sterlingwear’s goals


QARI aims to facilitate transitions to the US that don’t compromise cultural identity.


from everything between employment to education, We want to support you,

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