U&I Mentoring

The U&I Mentoring program, in partnership with Quincy Public Schools, pairs recent immigrant middle-schoolers with high school mentors to support them in their academic progress, prepare for the transition to high school, and adapt to life in the U.S. with a healthy biculturalism.  The goal of the program is to foster empowering youth relationships between recent immigrant mentees and their high school mentors.  Entrusted with the unique responsibilities found in their role as mentors, our high school volunteers not only learn communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills, they gain marketable capital that will be invaluable to their future. 

Please contact us at 1-(617)472-2200 or info@quincyasianresources.org for more program information. 


Program Outcomes

  • All youth become involved in local leadership opportunities. 
  • Mentees improve academic performance and English language skills.
  • Mentees increase their sense of self confidence and belonging to their communities. 
  • Mentors have an increased awareness of the experiences and struggles of immigrants in Quincy. 
  • Mentors feel more comfortable with their mentees and build meaningful relationship with each other. 
  • Mentees will become Youth Services Corps members. 
  • Parents will increase their knowledge about their child's activities from the mentoring program. 
2017 U&I End of the Year Celebration Ceremony

2017 U&I End of the Year Celebration Ceremony