workforce enterprise

QARI launched the Workforce Enterprise initiative in January 2018. Workforce Enterprise partners with organizations that want to expand their impact and services in the growing immigrant community. These strategic partnerships, where QARI provides workforce and integrated social services solutions in higher education, healthcare, municipality, and service sectors, also create meaningful career opportunities to the Asian and immigrant community.

Our first partnership was with the MBTA in January 2018. The MBTA expressed concerns that they lacked the linguistic and culturally competent customer services team to serve the high Asian population that would be impacted by the disruption of the Wollaston T-station. QARI was asked to provide a local bilingual customer services team to help solve many potential and unforeseen issues caused by the station closing. The MBTA/MassDOT entered a professional services agreement with QARI to source and manage a team of 20 qualified bilingual customer service representatives.

QARI’s new partnership with Brooks Brothers in its Haverhill, MA site provides employment and education pathways for immigrants and refugees for career and growth opportunity. Click here for information.


QARI also partners with Eastern Nazarene College (ENC). Our education team helps ENC and our higher education partners expand their presence and outreach to the ever growing Asian and international student population in Quincy and the greater South Shore areas. We are working with ENC to develop a new marketing and student recruitment plan. This includes planning and hosting high school student events on ENC’s campus to create more awareness of the college. We are also conducting outreach and networking with local youth programs and high schools to identify and attract qualified candidates.